Sanele Ntshingana: One can never be too busy to read

Sanele Ntshingana is an avid reader whose is fascinated by politics and the world of science. Photo Sourced.

Sanele Ntshingana is an avid reader whose is fascinated by politics and the world of science. Photo Sourced.

Sanele Ntshingana, is a third year Bachelor of Journalism student specialising in television. He is also a freelance writer, activist, Head of Board of Advisors at Inkululeko and a member of the Board of Directors at Upstart Youth Development Project. Ntshingana took time to sit for a Q&A about his school experience.

Q. Please describing your first experience of reading a book.

A. I am not sure if it was my first time reading a book but the closest memory I have of my first book was in Grade 2 or 3. The whole class was reading out loud. The book had those simple rhyming stories. I think it was one of those books they use to teach Foundation Phase how to spell, read or write. One of those.

Q. Who is your favourite character from a book and why?

A. Even though this might not apply, I would say that my favourite character from a book is Steve Biko in his non-fictional book I Write What I Like. The reason I chose Biko is because as a Black Consciousness member, I relate and have learnt so much from Biko and his politics.

Q. If you could go back to school, which grade would you go back to and why?

A. I would go back to Grade 12 because I would be closer to finishing *laughs.

Q. Describe what your favourite teacher was like?

A. My favourite teacher was my Grade 9 English teacher. He was strict and gave us also a lot of homework. But I can now say that he helped instil my love of reading and books.

Q. What was your favourite and least favourite item in your uniform and why?

A. My favourite school uniform item was my blazer because it made me look professional. My least favourite were my school shoes because they got dirty quick and needed to be cleaned or shined regularly.

Q. What is your opinion on home-schooling versus an institutional school setting?

A. I think they are both fine. Some people do well in a classroom setting. Others do well in a more individualised setting. It depends on the student.

Q. Describe an older school mate that you looked up to when you were at school.

A. I looked up to my older cousin who attended the same school but was a few grades ahead of me. He is a very  kind person and was mature but fun to be around as a student. He was never too grown up or too cool to acknowledge me in front of his friends or classmates. He never bullied the younger kids too. I still look up to him now in some respects.


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