I’m just here to do my degree, so leave me alone.

By Roxanne Daniels

There is much more to education than studying for a test or researching for an essay. If we all leave Rhodes saying that our education comprised only of the little piece of paper that says you have a degree in what-not, have you really been educated?

Many responses to the institutional racism, white privilege and colonialism debates at Rhodes have been: “I’m just here to do my degree, I’m tired of talking about this stuff. So I’m not going to.” Education, however, is filled with much more than our ‘degrees’ – being confronted with uncomfortable topics may just be part of an education.

Here are some thoughts about what ‘learning’ means to Buhle Tsotsi (third year politics and psychology student), Kate Karow (third year bachelor of science student) and Stace Scallan (PGCE student).


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