Q&A with forthcoming PGCE student, Roxanne Daniels

Roxanne Daniels is currently a Journalism and Media Studies student who plans to do her PGCE at Rhodes University next year. Her passion for education and young children is evident in her vibrant tone of writing in the articles that she has produced for Ukufunda and the smiles on the photos of learners of different Grahamstown schools that she has visited.

Q: Please explain why you want to do PGCE next year and what you’re looking forward to after finishing your studies.

A: I’d like to do a PGCE as I want to be able to teach young people about the subjects I am passionate about. I feel that through sharing my passion, I can positively help shape how school children see the world and how they can be the best that they can be. I look forward to starting a new journey after my studies, one that I feel completely unprepared for, but excited about!

Q: If you were to go back to high school, which grade would you go back to and why?

A: I would go back to grade 11. It seemed to be the year that I most enjoyed being at school. Matric arrived and everyone around me was stressed about exams and the matric farewell. Grade 11 was hard work, but the down time with friends was great. I loved my grade 11 dance and stayed until the very end, dancing to the best music (songs from musicals and Michael Bublé of course). We named ourselves the ‘5-minute-club’; the only few that stayed till the dance was officially over.

Q: What was your least favourite subject at high school and why?

History. Today I love going to museums and guided tours, learning about the history of a place or person. At school though, doing history seemed so boxed and limited and terribly sad.

Q: How can you describe your favourite high school teacher?

A lovely woman who was given respect as soon as she entered the room – the air about the way she held herself commanded it. She was firm and took no nonsense, but taught excellently – pushing our limits while wanting to extend her own, by learning from us too. She wanted her students to exceed and it didn’t matter if we achieved more than what she ever could; it made her happy when we did that. She was my matric drama teacher, a teacher I would much like to emulate when I teach.

Q: Please describe a senior at your school that you looked up to

My sister. She worked incredibly hard and was very disciplined. She always made time for other things though and was the president of the Interact Club, always thinking of how she could serve others. She led quietly and by example, not forcing her way in. I looked up to her for her  strong stand in our faith in Christ (and still do). It became her priority, to live with Christ as her King – and that is the most important thing to me.

Q: Explain what made you and your crew at school unique from the other crews/groups of friends.

Anything goes! We were a group of misfits…sort of. Within my group of friends, I was particularly close to two girls. The three of us were so totally different from each other – it really is a wonder that we were such good friends, having sleep overs, photoshoots, baking days or lazy days together.




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