Graeme Ride-a-thon brings out the littlest of competitors

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Graeme College’s Junor Fields were buzzing with children on bicycles and parents lining the street and fields to parade them around their friends and community members on late-Friday afternoon, 8 May. The turnout for the annual Graeme College Foundation Phase Ride-a-thon was a sight to see and had the school organisers beaming from the support they had gotten from the community.

The Ride-a-thon was created as a fundraising initiative for the school by the foundation phase teachers. The prizes the children receive are mostly monetary vouchers.

The race included Grades R to 3 and had the competitors riding around the fields for a full hour. The school would be sponsored per lap. The Grade Rs, however, had their own shortened mini-course.

A few minutes or even seconds before the race, the littlies could be found at the repair stop with their bicycles with broken chains, pedals and other missing parts in hand. According to the repair men on hand, the children were one of the toughest athletes they have had to work with as they are very competitive which results in them needing repairs every minute.

However, not long after the race had started, a few of the competitors had either dropped out of the race or had joined their parents as part of the spectators. A large number of the Grade R cyclists had taken breaks or had forgotten that they were racing before the five minute mark.

Mrs Glynis Sutties, the Graeme Grade 2 teacher who is also a part of the organising team, expressed her team’s gratefulness to the parents and her little competitors who had made the day what it was – a fun bonding day for the community.


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