Fun Q & A with the Admin Clerk for Education

Ukufunda compiled a list of seven fun questions to ask different people involved in education. This first installment features the answers from Tamara Ndziweni, the Admin Clerk of Customer Care at the Grahamstown District Office for education. 

1)      Please describe how you felt during your first experience of reading a book.

Answer: It felt like I have found my passion in life, I remember it was 1997 and the book was one of the Secret Seven books by Enid Blyton and I went on to read all the Secret Seven books as well as the Famous Five books. To date I am a lover of books: I spend my weekends reading books. Call me a book junky if you may.

2)      If you could go back to school, which grade would you go back to and why?

Answer: I would go back to Grade 12, and I would work very hard on my Geography to get the points I needed to pursue a law degree.  I ended up doing a degree in media studies which was really not my first love.

3)      Describe what your best teacher was like. (What grade/subject did she/he teach? Why was she/he a good teacher?)

Ooh Ms Heather Damons was the best teacher ever! She was a teacher, a friend, a mom, a shoulder to cry on all at the same time. She taught me English from Grade 8-10 at Mary Waters High School. She is the reason I am able to speak and be confident in speaking the English Language. I miss her a lot.

4)      What is your opinion on home-schooling verse an institutional school setting?

I am really a big supporter of institutional schooling because I believe interacting with different people and different cultures and understanding them should be part of a child’s development. I believe that it broadens a child’s mind.  Playing sports and all other extra mural activities offered by the institutional schools also play a major role in a child’s life. Home schooling on the other hand only goes up to a certain level and does not offer many opportunities for children.

5)      Describe an older learner/class mate that you looked up to when you were at school.

Unfortunately there was not older learners in our class. But I did have a best friend, Ntombizanele Charles (May she R.I.P), who used to challenge me to do better. We used to have a silent competition on our studies, one wanting to do better than another.

6)      Tell me about your experience in the principal’s office, if you ever went.

Oh my! I went to the principal’s office for disobeying a prefect. I was in Grade 11, and I didn’t want to stand in a line where I was supposed to. I was sent straight to the Principal office (die Hoof’s se kantoor; that’s what is was known as) and I was given a tongue lashing of a lifetime.

7)      Tell me about your worst subject at school and why you didn’t like it.

Worst subject was Geography. I never understood a thing. It was  a class where there was Afrikaans and English learners in the same class and the teacher who taught us used Afrikaans more than English to explain the work so I ended up loosing interest in the subject because half the time I didn’t know what was going on.


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