Further Education: Part One

By Sihle Jack

Are you in matric and wondering about a way forward? Are you thinking of furthering your studies? Or are you thinking of taking the ‘alternative’ route? Over the next couple of weeks, since it’s university application season, we will be giving out information on where you can apply and all the details you need to know with regards to applying for different universities countrywide. To start off, we will be showcasing and giving you all the details needed to apply to the ‘big’ Eastern Cape Universities.

In order to apply, applicants need to look at whether they meet the Admition Point Scores (APS) minimum of the university and the different faculties in the universities. Also interesting to note is that universities such as East Midlands College (EMC), Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU), University of Fort Hare (UFH) and Walter Sisulu University (WSU) all have more than one campus, whereas Rhodes University only has one campus. So when you apply bear in mind that the degree or course you want might not be at the campus you want.

Requirements Application due date Application fee Online application Subjects offered (examples) Testing (tests that you write before being accepted)
EMC -latest results-ID Document

-Guardian /parent(s) ID Document

Not available on website. R100 Non-refundable Currently unavailable Business and engineering programmes and practical skills training. Pre-admission testing. (Aptitude, literacy and numeracy test)
UFH -latest results-ID Document

-Guardian /parent(s) ID Document

30 September 2015 R100 Non-refundable Yes Law, Social Work, Politics, Commerce subjects, History, Sciences National Benchmark Test (NBT)
Rhodes University -latest results-ID Document

-Guardian /parent(s) ID Document

30 September 2015 R100 Non-refundable Yes Pharmacy, Law, Commerce subjects, Music, Drama, Journalism NBT
NMMU -latest results-ID Document

-Guardian /parent(s) ID Document

2 June 2015 R260 Non-refundable Yes Human Movement Science, IT, Radiography, biochemistry,Quantity Surveying NBT and Access Assessment Test
WSU -latest results-ID Document

-Guardian /parent(s) ID Document

31 October 2015 Not available at the time of publishing this article. Yes Health Science, Education, Engineering, Finance, Mathematics NBT

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