Children investing in art

By Roxanne Daniels

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Thirty-five works of art done by children were auctioned off to a supportive crowd on Friday 13 March. The highest bid went up to R1400 with the second highest close behind at R1300. The most special bid, however, was possibly that done by one of the youngest bidders in attendance. Mika Davies was one of the only children present at the event, and with the help of her mother she was able to bid for her favourite painting. Mika was then applauded for her desire to support other children who had created their own art works.

All the funds from the auction were in aid of the Rapael Children’s Centre in Grahamstown, where some of the young artists are from.

The project is a spin-off of the UK programme, Art in Aide of AIDS. The Carinus Art Centre in Grahamstown adopted their idea of working with children to create art. Art facilitator at the centre, Madelize van der Merwe, was very excited at the auction, having been part of two similar successful events held in 2013 and 2014. “It started as a small drop and now it has grown into something international”, van der Merwe explains. Along with the art by children in Grahamstown, nine paintings were donated for the event from Cheltenham in the United Kingdom.

This year, the project had ‘environment’ as its focus. A workshop was held for children aged seven to ten, from the Raphael Centre to help and encourage them to express their immediate environment on canvas. “They really had the gates opened to imagine, explore and express,” notes van der Merwe, “while the final products are open to interpretation, the children really learned an appreciation of the beauty around them.”

If you missed the art at this year’s auction, visit the Rapael Centre’s webpage for information on this year’s activities.



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