6 voices on education

Compiled by Danica Kreusch

A recent collaboration with the Grahamstown-based youth development and empowerment project and Rhodes University third year TV journalists saw the true stories of young people in Grahamstown being told from their own mouths. 25 Voices, as the collaboration was called, created 25 snapshot films on what life as a youth in Grahamstown is like, dealing with a number of issues that include alcoholism, divorce, animal abuse, homophobia and numerous issues that surround education.

The six education-based videos each had a vastly different story to tell, but each gave a valuable, and sometimes surprising, insight into what education looks like from the eyes of the individual being educated. Below are the short blurbs and links to each of the six videos, both of which have been taken from the 25 Voices website.

Between Mind and Stomach

Today I would like you to try something. Start by not eating breakfast, and then don’t eat lunch. Now, pick up your pen and do a maths sum. Did you manage, was it difficult? Now you understand. For many pupils the meal provided by the School Nutrition Programme is the only meal they receive a day. But who is responsible when poor implementation means some students still attend classes hungry? By Louise Fuller and Nwabisa Bonde

Behind the Mic

Xabiso’s mic is his voice, his voice is his word and his word is his truth. We follow how being a DJ has affected his life, the challenges and successes he has faced as a young, aspiring radio presenter. Following Xabiso  brings forward challenges through the eyes of a teenager – seeing the world from his perspective provides an authentic view of things we tend to take for granted, and  his love for life and truth is contagious. By Aneesha Ndebele and Xabiso Mnyamana

Drop-outs and lost futures

Asive Manyube knows what it means to be a drop-out. She wonders how government can celebrate the matric pass rate when half of all pupils will never make it to the final grade. So many children have dropped out of school over the years who could have been future doctors, engineers or even teachers. Through poor education, our country and democracy is slowly slipping away. By Siyavuya Makubalo and Asive Manyube.

Roadtrip to Mars

If things go Thapelo’s way he’ll soon be roaming the Milky Way. From humble beginnings in Joza, a young man allows himself to dream and prepares for lift off. By Thapelo Nyidemani and Joseph Minde

The school cheerleader

South Africa is overwhelmed with protests about service delivery, unemployment, wages. A few weeks ago pupils in Johannesburg swarmed the city streets to protest about the poor education they’re receiving. Anelisa is one learner who is proud of her school. Yes, it’s in the township, but she’s taking responsibility for her own education.  No pom-poms necessary, all Anelisa needs is her school books.   By Anelisa Mbonda and Anelisa Salavu.

Travelling tastebuds

Sandra takes on the giant task of making a Greek dish for the first time with Saints Bistro chef, Chiara Maffessanti. By Sanda Mbulawa and Dineo Mokwena.


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